Stress can manifest in many different ways; physically, emotionally, and cognitively. When stressed, we can experience muscle tension, low mood, intrusive thoughts, and even changes in appetite. Stress can impact relationships and leave you feeling exhausted.


Physical Symptoms of Stress
Here are a few ways in which stress can manifest physically:

  • fatigue,
  • low energy,
  • headaches, muscle aches,
  • sweaty palms,
  • increased heart rate, palpitations,
  • poor sleep,
  • digestive issues.


Emotional Symptoms of Stress
Here are a few ways in which stress can manifest emotionally:

  • low mood,
  • impulsive behaviour,
  • apathy,
  • feeling overwhelmed,
  • short temper, irritability.


Cognitive Symptoms of Stress
Here are a few ways in which stress can manifest cognitively:

  • negative mindset,
  • intrusive thoughts,
  • memory difficulties,
  • trouble concentrating.


While excessive stress can cause us to feel like our lives are spiralling out of control, there are some ways to manage it, and help you feel calm and grounded. Stress relief toys are an affordable, easy, and instant solution that you can use anywhere and anytime!


What are stress relief gadgets and how do they relieve stress?

When we are stressed and overwhelmed, our brains tend to get overloaded and we can get really stuck in our thinking – and often this results in racing, worrisome thoughts and feelings.

Playing with a stress relief toy is in itself a mindful activity as we are required to focus on the activity instead of our thoughts. We get “out of our heads” and back “into our bodies”.

This can give our brains a break, and help us feel more grounded and focused.


5 Best Stress Relief Gadgets for the Whole Family

1. Yoyos. These still fascinate children with many becoming skilled at performing clever tricks with them. Playing with yo-yos is a gentle way of relieving stress as well as developing hand-eye coordination. Do you remember the 80’s Coca Cola yo-yo craze?!

2. Rubix Cube. Hungarian professor, Erno Rubik, invented this puzzling cube in 1974. It’s a welcome distraction from computer screens, phones, and revision books. It trains your reflexes and your hand-eye coordination.

3. Essential oil rollers balls. Camomile, vetiver, bergamot and lavender are all know to have calming and grounding affects when applied topically or inhaled. And when in a handy roller ball can be kept in a pocket, school satchel or handbag and applied on the go!

4. Liquid timers. These can be visually mesmerising as you watch the bubbles travel down in slow motion. I often gift my clients with a liquid timer showing him/her how they can easily visualise their tension melting away in the same manner as the bubbles.

5. Stress balls. The more modern ones come in all shapes and sizes – even pencil toppers! So cute that they will be a welcome addition to any pencil case!


If you are experiencing stress and need support, please contact me.