Dyslexia in Schools & Universities

Supporting students in education

Do you work in a school and want to know more about dyslexia, how it affects your children and how you can help?

Maximising Abilities

I provide training for teachers with the aim to help them understand dyslexia, the common indicators, and to support dyslexic children and students to fulfil their full potential.

Training workshops are bespoke & can cover the following topics:

  • Signs to look out for
  • Challenges within education
  • How schools can help to mitigate the effects of dyslexia and how to help dyslexic children to address and manage any challenges
  • Discrepancies and inconsistencies in performance
  • How to manage stress, low self-esteem and confidence
  • How to interpret test results or professional reports
  • Access arrangements for examinations

I also run sessions on a whole class basis which help students build skills for life and emotional resilience. These sessions cover topics including :

  • Self value
  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Thinking traps
  • Mindfulness and the art of keeping busy
  • Healthy habits for life