Dyslexia Indicators

Spotting the signs of dyslexia in children & adults.

Please read and download the checklist below to help you identify dyslexia traits.

However, any or all of the indicators could suggest dyslexia. The only way to find out for sure – is through a diagnostic dyslexia assessment.

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Dyslexia in children

1. Does your child find it difficult to:

  • Recognise the alphabet
  • Match letters to sounds
  • Blend and process the sounds in words. For example, connecting the letters S-P-E-L-L to the word ‘spell’?
  • Pronounce words correctly?
  • Retain information such as spelling or times tables?
  • With copying tasks?

2. Do they seem to have a limited vocabulary?

3. Do they read below their expected grade level?

4. Is their behaviour sometimes disruptive or emotional?


Get the checklist for adults & children to help you learn about the common traits of dyslexia.

Dyslexia in adults

1. Do you find it difficult to be organised with your work?

2. Is there a disparity between your written work and verbal ability?

3. Do you feel anxious, frustrated, or fearful of carrying out certain tasks, leading to avoidance?

4. Do you take longer than colleagues to complete tasks, often leading to working longer hours or taking work home?